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The mission of Riley Area Development Corporation is to develop and support a sustainable community environment in and around downtown Indianapolis through affordable housing, economic development, healthy public space and community development. Our mission consists of four interrelated parts

  • Housing mission: To develop and maintain quality residential housing, affordable to people with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, promoting diversity of area neighborhoods and preserving homeownership for neighborhood residents.
  • Economic Development Mission: To facilitate a dynamic and robust business climate by redeveloping urban properties to encourage small business development and attract a variety of businesses that meet the service needs of area residents.
  • Public Space Mission: To develop well-planned and connected public spaces that serve as not only as a visual attraction, but also that are healthy to the residents, visitors and businesses in the area. The public spaces will provide a healthy urban experience for the community to live in outside of their homes.
  • Community Development Mission: To continue to serve as a leader in multi-use development, historic preservation and corridor development. Riley Area Development Corporation will continue to mentor, grow, and serve other grassroots organizations and will continue to partner with private businesses to foster community-driven growth.
Riley Area Development Corporation