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We are a Community Development Corporation (CDC) committed to helping neighborhoods direct and manage their own economic destiny. Our mission is to provide neighborhoods the support they need in 4 key strategic areas, in order to achieve maximum economic impact.


Healthy local business is the economic foundation for any flourishing urban neighborhood. We provide a number of services to small businesses to help them grow and thrive.


A positive sense of community is the tie that binds successful urban revitalization efforts. A strong focus on community development is a core tenet of our organization.


To pave the way for a healthy local business community, it is essential to have attractive spaces in which to operate. We create the room for growth by redeveloping great commercial spaces.


We develop affordable housing solutions for people from all walks of life, and help combat the the negative effects of cultural/economic homogenization.

Who We Help

Our Impact on Inviduals


Impact is most immediately felt by unemployed individuals looking for work in their area. New local businesses equate to new local jobs.


Entrepreneurs are able to find the resources and mentoring they need to the sustain thriving businesses essential to neighborhood growth.


Improved economic development leads to better schools, lowers crime, and creates a sense of community attractive for families.

low-income households

Neighborhood improvements should improve the lives of low income residents, not drive them away. Affordable housing is essential.


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Our Projects

The Core of Who We Are

Projects are the sum total of who we are as an organization. We are proud to have served the community in projects big and small for nearly 3 decades, and our history uplifting results are what drives is forward into the positive future of our community.


Our Secret Formula for Community Success

project planning

We collaborate with experts, city planners, and the community at large to determine the most effect routes to achieve positive results for the community.

project execution

We partner with local government and organizations to fund and execute our projects, maximizing effectiveness, while minimizing bureaucracy.

project nurturing

Once a project execution is complete, we stay committed to working and maintaining the successful project over the long term through a number of avenues.

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