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The mission of Riley Area Development Corporation is to develop and support a sustainable community environment in and around downtown Indianapolis through affordable housing, economic development, healthy public space, community development, governance, asset management and program development. Our mission consists of six interrelated parts:

Affordable Housing // Economic Development // Creative Placemaking //  Community Development // Staff & Board Development // Asset Management and Program Development

  • Fostering a Community
  • Fostering Neighbor-to-Neighborhood

RADC is involved in numerous activities within the community meant to foster unity among our diverse and interesting cultural landscape. While the activities may change, the underlying sense of unity is a theme we strive to achieve.

It is important that our community development participation contain an element of neighbor-to-neighbor support. We feel strong bonds can be formed among neighbors helping each other, that can last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is RADC's service area?
  • Are there available apartments in the Trailside building on Mass Ave?
No. 01

RADC partners on projects in any neighborhood within Marion County in need of revitalization.

No. 02

RADC’s offices are in the Trailside Building on Mass Ave, however we do not manage the apartments. If you are interested in learning about the apartments in the building, please contact the property manager, Monument Management Corporation, at 317-464-2435 or visit their website.

It Begins with an Idea
It Begins with an Idea